Constable Garrett Styles Memorial Baseball Tournament

The Constable Garrett Styles Memorial Baseball Tournament is to celebrate Garrett’s love for baseball and raise funds for children in the community who are less fortunate and don’t have the means to be able to participate in recreational sports. The Annual Tournament is held at the Newmarket Fairgrounds on the third weekend in September.

History: On the morning of June 28, 2011, Constable Garrett Styles had been conducting general patrol on the rural roads just east of Newmarket. He had spotted a van driving dangerously and engaged the vehicle in a traffic stop. Constable Styles approached the driver’s side window and found a number of youths inside; the driver of the vehicle was only 15 years old. Constable Styles was at the driver’s side door investigating the driver when the vehicle accelerated. He was dragged approximately 400 metres before the vehicle lost control and rolled over, pinning Constable Styles. Aware of the urgency of the situation, Constable Styles radioed York Regional Police dispatch for help. Even as he lay injured, he was concerned for the occupants of the vehicle and informed dispatch that there were several youths inside and he was unsure of their condition. Police and Emergency Medical Services arrived on scene and transported the occupants and Constable Styles to Southlake Regional Hospital. Tragically, he succumbed to his injuries. Constable Garrett Styles was a seven year veteran of York Regional Police and served in a uniform capacity out of #1 District where he served the communities of Newmarket, Aurora and East Gwillimbury. He previously worked out of #2 District where he served the Town of Richmond Hill. Constable Styles came from a proud policing family. His father, Retired Staff Sergeant Garry Styles, served with York Regional Police for 33 years and his cousin, Constable Joe Styles, is a patrol officer in #2 District. He is survived by his wife Melissa, a Records Validator with York Regional Police, and his two small children, Meredith and Nolan.

Where are the proceeds going?
The proceeds from the tournament are going to the Canadian Tire JumpStart program. One in three Canadian families cannot afford to enroll their children in sport and recreational activities because of financial barriers (Ipsos Reid, 2009). That means that many kids are missing out.

The Newmarket Hawks Senior Baseball Club is proud to participate and support the Garrett Styles Memorial Baseball Tournament.

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2017 Batting Average Leaders

Daniel Nicoletta 0.545
Daniel Telford 0.368
Alex Bruce 0.333
Jordan Vecchiarelli 0.333

2017 ERA Leaders

Mark West 0.00
Victor Simon 1.13
Ryan Aida 1.50
Brad Crone 3.00